Benjamin Charles Langel

b. Jul 17, 1940, d. Jun 7, 2002
FatherEverett Adam Langel1,2 b. Jan 20, 1904, d. Jan 22, 2003
MotherJeannette Elizabeth Strickler1,2 b. Jul 18, 1903, d. Nov 4, 1994
     Benjamin was born in Asbury Presbyterian Hospital, Salina, Saline Co, KS, on Jul 17, 1940.3,2,4
Ben Strickler and Ben Langel

Ben and Everett Langel

Jeannette, Liz, Ben and EA Langel
209 Greenway Road, Salina, KS

     In 1949, Everett, Jeannette, Ben and Liz drove to California. The kids stayed with Florence and her husband in Long Beach, while Everett and Jeannette went to a convention in Los Angeles. Ben remembered two things about the visit: first, either he or Liz ate something new and came down with a bad rash, and second, Florence's family had television, the first they ever saw. On the way, they visited Carlsbad, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, they were walking down the sidewalk past a casino and Everett disappeared briefly. He slipped in one door, played a slot machine, and came out the other door with a handful of silver dollars.5
Ben Langel, May 11, 1957

     Benjamin Charles Langel graduated from Salina High School circa 1958 in Salina, Saline Co, KS.6
     After graduation, Ben tried to join the ROTC, but the Navy and Air Force wouldn't even talk to a guy with glasses. The Army recruiter said that he could go in, and if he did well, after two years he could apply for a vision waiver (meaning waiving the 20-20 eyesight requirement for a commission), but a sergeant at the armory told him that no one was getting those, so he decided not to waste the two years on such a long shot.7
     Benjamin was a Phi Kappa Tau fraternity member in Lawrence, Douglas Co, KS, between 1958 and 1963.6
     Ben said that his original plan was to graduate from the KU business school early, in February, then maybe work for a Kansas City investment bank for a while before deciding between law school and an MBA. However, Kruschev started building the Berlin wall and moving troops toward the border, and the U.S. draft heated up...and the stock of 25 year-old men wasn't big enough so the age kept dropping fast. Some parts of western Kansas even pulled guys out of their senior year in college. The college exemption only worked if you were actually enrolled in college, so he needed to be accepted into graduate school before graduation. He worked a deal with the dean of the KU law school to enter the law school in the middle of the year, but only if he took two law classes fall semester (for undergraduate credit). He took the classes and felt overwhelmed and confused, but had to stay in or be drafted. Took heart from the fact that there was a creep in the senior class, from Salina, about whom Ben could be sure that if the creep could handle it, Ben could.7
     Benjamin Charles Langel graduated from University of Kansas with a B.A. Business Administration circa Feb, 1962 in Lawrence, Douglas Co, KS.6,7
     Benjamin was a Sachem senior men's honorary society member in Lawrence, Douglas Co, KS, circa 1962.6
     Benjamin was a Beta Gamma Sigma bus fraternity member in Lawrence, Douglas Co, KS, circa 1962.6
     He married Sondra Margaret Hays in First Covenant Church, Salina, Saline Co, KS, on Jun 21, 1963. Rev. Arne E. Mars, officiated. Musicians, Mrs. Milton Thelander and Larry Hays. Escorts, James Hays, Donald West, Jon Clark Marshall. Best man, John Wherry. Mrs. Donald Smith, cousin of the bride, hosted the reception; assistants, Liz Bishop, Sharon Hays, Janice Wise, George Ann Porter, Janet Pavola, Marilyn Hays, Jeffery and Joni Zemler..6
     He resided in Lawrence, Douglas Co, KS, in Jul, 1963, in 627 W. 25th.6
     Benjamin Charles Langel was employed by Foulston, Siefkin, Powers, Smith & Eberhardt as a attorney circa 1965 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS.8
     He resided in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS, in Mar, 1966, in 564 S. Roosevelt.8
     Benjamin Charles Langel retired from the Foulston & Siefkin law firm in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS, on Dec 31, 1999.
     Benjamin Charles Langel died on Jun 7, 2002 in Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS, at age 61. The cause of death was a heart attack. An obituary was published on Jun 10, 2002 in the Topeka Capital-Journal in Topeka, Shawnee Co, KS.9 An obituary was published on Jun 11, 2002 in the Wichita Eagle in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS.10 An extended obituary was published on Jun 11, 2002 in the Wichita Eagle in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS.11


Sondra Margaret Hays


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