Everett Adam Langel

b. Jan 20, 1904, d. Jan 22, 2003
FatherCharles Langel1,2,3 b. Sep 16, 1861, d. Oct 7, 1925
MotherAnna Virginia Green1,2,3 b. Aug 27, 1864, d. Mar 18, 1958
     Everett was born in Pataskala, Licking Co, OH, on Jan 20, 1904.1,4,3,5 He was born Adam Everett Langel; he changed his name in college.
Charles Langel, Jennie Langel, (back row, fourth and third from right)
The obvious guess is that the older couple is Adam and Susan Langle. Some of the boys in front are probably Everett's brothers, and I would guess that the little girl at right on the middle row is Louanna. Does that make the baby with Jennie Everett?

     Adam Everett Langel was listed as a son in Charles Langel's household on the 1910 Census in Harrison Township, Licking Co, OH.3
On back: The Langels: Charley and Jennie, Gus, Geo, Paul, Adam, Frank, Louanna
I think:
Back Row: Gus, George, Louanna, Charles, Paul
Front Row: Adam (EA), Charles, Jennie

     Adam Everett Langel was listed as a son in Charles Langel's household on the 1920 Census in Harrison Township, Licking Co, OH.4
     According to EA Langel, about a year after Halley's comet went over, Charles sold the farm and all the equipment and animals for $21,000, and moved to Broadway, on the east side of Pataskala. There, they had a house, a barn, a horse and buggy and some chickens. Charles was basically retired, and spent his time working in the garden and sitting down at the barber shop with the guys.6
     Everett Adam Langel was employed as a bond salesman in 1927.
     Everett Adam Langel was employed by Protected Milk Company in 1929 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, CA.7
     Everett Adam Langel lived in 1932 in 525 Gramercy, Los Angeles, CA.8
     Everett Adam Langel sailed from Ensenada, Mexico, to Los Angeles, CA, on the ship Emma Alexander on May 29, 1932.8
     On Oct 1, 1933 in Salina, Saline Co, KS, Jo-Mar Dairies was purchased by George Miller, J. J. Vanier, Charles Newman, and E. A. Langel. E. A. was to be secretary and treasurer.9
     Everett Adam Langel lived in 1935 in Lamer Hotel, Salina, Saline Co, KS.10
     Everett Adam Langel was employed by Jo-Mar Dairies Co. as a general manager in 1935 in Salina, Saline Co, KS.10
     He married Jeannette Elizabeth Strickler in St. John's Lutheran Church, Salina, Saline Co, KS, on Feb 1, 1936.11,12,13,14,15

Everett Langel & Jeannette Strickler Wedding Announcement

     He resided in Salina, Saline Co, KS, on Feb 1, 1936, in 209 Greenway Road.1,14
EA, Jeannette, Liz and Ben Langel lived here from EA and Jeannette's marriage through ?, when they moved to 508 Fairdale Road.
On back: Spring snow 1938

Everett Langel in Atlantic City

Everett and Liz

Everett remembered playing for the Shrine team in 1938 or 39 -- he said that when they played the "Catholics," which I guess was probably another fraternal order in Salina, they got licked 20 to 2. The other team had a catcher who was a substitute for a professional team, while the Shrine pitchers were all about 60 years old. (1/20/2002)

     Everett was listed as the head of a family on the 1940 Census in 209 Greenway, Salina, Saline Co, KS. The family were living in their own house, worth $8,000. Everett was an owner and manager of a dairy company; he had worked 52 weeks in 1939, and earned $4,500, including some non-wage income. Jeannette was a housewife. The family had a maid, Dorothy Lindquist living with them..5
Ben and Everett Langel

Jeannette, Liz, Ben and EA Langel
209 Greenway Road, Salina, KS

     In 1949, Everett, Jeannette, Ben and Liz drove to California. The kids stayed with Florence and her husband in Long Beach, while Everett and Jeannette went to a convention in Los Angeles. Ben remembered two things about the visit: first, either he or Liz ate something new and came down with a bad rash, and second, Florence's family had television, the first they ever saw. On the way, they visited Carlsbad, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, they were walking down the sidewalk past a casino and Everett disappeared briefly. He slipped in one door, played a slot machine, and came out the other door with a handful of silver dollars.16
     Everett was a St. John's Military School, Board of Trustees member in Salina, Saline Co, KS, in 1953.17
     EA scored a hole in one on the number 10 hole at the Salina Country Club sometime in 1953. This was his second hole in one; the first was 6 years earler. He was playing with Jack Beverly, Dr. E.M. Sutton and Karl Davis.18

Jeannette, Liz and EA Langel
May 11, 1957

     Everett Adam Langel lived in Mar, 1968 in Salina, Saline Co, KS.19
     Everett Adam Langel retired from Jo-Mar Dairies in 1975 in Salina, Saline Co, KS.20
     Everett Adam Langel lived in May, 1982 in KS.21
     Everett Adam Langel died on Jan 22, 2003 in Plaza West, Topeka, Shawnee Co, KS, at age 99.22 An obituary was published on Jan 23, 2003 in the Topeka Capital Journal in Topeka, Shawnee Co, KS.23 An obituary was published on Jan 23, 2003 in the Wichita Eagle in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS.22 An obituary was published on Jan 23, 2003 in the Salina Journal in Salina, Saline Co, KS.20 Everett's funeral was held on Jan 24, 2003 at First Lutheran Church in Topeka, Shawnee Co, KS.24,25 He was buried on Jan 24, 2003 at Roselawn Cemetery, in Salina, Saline Co, in KS.20,25
Cemetery Marker


Jeannette Elizabeth Strickler b. July 18, 1903, d. November 4, 1994


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