Edward M. Kumler1

b. 1866, d. 1922
     Edward M. Kumler was born in 1866.2
     Edward M. Kumler married Laura Langel, daughter of Adam Langel and Susan Weaver.1
     Edward M. Kumler died in 1922.2 He was buried circa 1922 at Old Basil Cemetery, in Baltimore, Fairfield Co, in OH.2
Laura and Edward Kumler Cemetery Markers
Old Basil Cemetery, Baltimore, Fairfield County, Ohio
Photo by Julia Langel, May 15, 2012
Image credit: Julia Langel
Image credit: Julia Langel


Laura Langel b. January 19, 1864, d. December 21, 1902
  • Neal A. Kumler1 b. Jul 4, 1897, d. 1959


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