Mervin Mitchel Hays

b. Aug 7, 1914, d. Nov 28, 1969
FatherOrice Lee Hays1,2,3,4 b. Dec 15, 1884, d. Dec 4, 1945
MotherEffie Viola DeWitt1,2,3,4 b. Apr 8, 1888, d. Dec 29, 1935
Tommy Griffith, Mervin Hays, Larry, Ruth, Janice, Sondra

According to Larry Hays, Woods Creek is in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The photo was taken when the Hays and Griffith families were on vacation.
Mervin was born in Chapman, Dickinson Co, KS, on Aug 7, 1914. He was born at 7:40 am. According to the birth certificate, the given name is Mervin Mitcher Hays, apparently a mistake in recording the middle name, which was intended to be Mitchel. There is a notation "Given name added from supplemental report Dec. 6, 1916" initialed by a Registrar; this may explain the error. This was the fourth child born to Effie and all four were living at the time. Dr. Greenlee was the attending physician..5,2,6,4,7
Vernon, Clarence, Lowell, Fern, Verda, Mervin
(labeled on back)
circa 1920?

     Mervin Mitchel Hays was listed as a son in Orice Lee Hays's household on the 1920 Census in Junction City, Geary Co, KS.8
     Mervin Mitchel Hays attended in 1922 in Brookside School, Smoky Hill Township, Geary Co, KS. Clarence was in 5th grade, Verda in 4th, Lowell and Mervin in 2nd.9
He was listed on the roll as a student in Moonlight School, Hays Township, Dickinson Co, KS, in 1925.10

Back row: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, Mary Youngberg, x, Elfreda Burt, x, x, x

Middle(ish) row: x, Sara Moreen, x, Francis Neel, Alice Neel (dotted collar), X, X, Dolores Neel, Audrey Neel (plaid dress), Mervin Hays, x, Ruth Hays (white dress) , X

Front: Phyllis Neel, Mary Lou Youngberg, Carl Youngberg, Robert Youngberg, X, X, Dale Burch?, X

     Mervin Mitchel Hays was listed as a son in Lee Hays's household on the 1930 Census in 401 East Republic, Salina, Saline Co, KS.4
     Mervin Mitchel Hays, Lee Hays's child, resided with Lee, in Chapman, Dickinson Co, KS, on Jan 2, 1936.1
     He married Ruth Julia Martina Youngberg in the home of Rev. Arend, Clay Center, Clay Co, KS, on Sep 9, 1936. According to Ruth Hays "We were married at Clay Center, Kansas at noon. We were quietly married at the home of Rev. Arend with Mrs. Alice Neel, Francis Neel Ida Armstrong & Charles Armstrong the only ones present and the only guests of our wedding party.".11,12,7 He and Ruth honeymooned in South Dakota, Minnesota, MI, October 31, 1936 to January 1.12
Mervin, Janice, and Ruth Hays
Ruth, Janice and Mervin Hays

     Mervin and Ruth lived on Sep 13, 1937 in 1220 North 7th, Salina, Saline Co, KS.13
From left: Ruth Hays, Reuben Youngberg, Berniece Griffith, Mary Youngberg, Alice Neel, Carl Youngberg, Elfreda Burt
Charlotte and Grace Resser, Ruth and Janice Hays
On back: Grace & Charlotte Resser, me and Janice
Carl, Francis Neel, Mary, Darwin and Berniece Griffith, Edna, Ruth, Mervin Hays
Elfreda, Alice, Chet Burt, Reuben, Bonnie Grace
Elfreda, Grace and Charlotte Resser, Mary Youngberg

Lee, James, and Mervin with baby ... Janice?

     Mervin was listed as the head of a family on the 1940 Census in 1316 Gypsum Avenue, Salina, Saline Co, KS. The family was renting a house for $15 per month. Mervin was working in "form building" for a bridge construction company. He had worked 47 weeks in 1939, earning $532. Ruth was a housewife. Mervin had completed one year of high school, and Ruth had completed two years of college..7
     He resided in Salina, Saline Co, KS, on Jun 27, 1940, in 1316 Gypsum.14
Mervin, Lee and James with baby ... Sondra?

     He resided in Hutchinson, Reno Co, KS, on Jan 13, 1943, in 512 E. 7th Street.15
     He became a partner in Neel Awning Company between 1943 and 1949.16

     Mervin Mitchel Hays was given a preinduction physical examination on Apr 15, 1945 in Salina, Saline Co, KS, and found physically fit, acceptable for general military service.17
     He resided in Hutchinson, Reno Co, KS, on Oct 25, 1945.18
     The Hays family gathered at Jim and Margie's house in Hutchinson in February 1946.
Bill, Lowell, Jim, Delbert, Clarence, and Mervin Hays
Hays Family, Feb 1946, Hutchinson, KS
Back row: Lowell, Jim, Mervin, Pearl
Middle row: Nelda, Rosie, Lila, Verda
Front row: Bill, Delbert, Clarence
Hays Family, Feb 1946, Hutchinson, KS
Stan Jantz writes: Jim and Marges house in Hutch near prison. Jim, Delbert, Jack (uniform), Vernon, Barbra, Donna
on back: Hays Sisters
Back row: Lila Jantz, Pearl Hays, Verda Lady
Front row: Nelda Hays
RosaLee Goodwin
Taken at Cleins
Feb 1946
Hutchinson, Kansas

     Mervin was paid $801.41 in wages in 1948 by Frank Fessler, 339 W. Jewell, Salina, KS. $2.10 was withheld.19
     Mervin was paid $1,481.48 in wages in 1948 by King-Michaelsen, Inc. 1908 So. Broadway, Wichita 11, KS. $7.00 was withheld.20
     They resided in Salina, Saline Co, KS, in May, 1949.11
Janice, Ruth, Jim, Mervin, Sondra, Larry Hays

(Sondra remembers that dress -- it was brown and very stiff and scratchy.)

Mervin and Ruth Hays

On border: May 1959

Ruth and Mervin Hays

The developer mark on the border says August 1964
Ruth Hays 1964

     Mervin died on Nov 28, 1969 in the ambulance en route to hospital, Salina, Saline Co, KS, at age 55; the cause of death was a heart attack brought on by ALS.5,21,6 An obituary was published on Nov 28, 1969 in The Salina Journal in Salina, Saline Co, KS.5 He was buried in Dec, 1969 at Roselawn Cemetery, in Salina, Saline Co, in KS.21
Mervin and Ruth Hays
Roselawn Memorial Park, Salina KS


Ruth Julia Martina Youngberg b. July 17, 1913, d. January 10, 1996
  • James Phillip Hays22 b. Oct 9, 1943, d. Nov 2, 2014


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