Matthias Lengel1

b. circa 1789
FatherStephen Lengel1,2 b. 1750, d. Jan 3, 1824
MotherSusanna Schmidt1 b. Nov 12, 1762, d. after Jan 3, 1825
     Matthias Lengel was born circa 1789 in Heidelberg Township, Berks Co, PA; there is a tombstone in Christ Little Tulpehocken Church Cemetery for a Matthias Lengel, 1793-1877.1,3
     In Stephen Lengel's will, George and Matthias was named by Stephen to handle his estate on Jan 3, 1824 in Heidelberg Township, Berks Co, PA.4
     According to Montgomery's History of Berks County Pennsylvania, Matthew ran the home farm.2
     George and Matthias was named one of the executors of Stephen Lengel's estate on Jan 3, 1825.
     They settled Stephen Lengel's estate in Heidelberg Township, Berks Co, PA, in Mar, 1826.


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