Franconia City of

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     John Gustav Princell was the pastor of a little county church in 1896 in Franconia, Chisago Co, MN; a little county church.1
     Franconia City of Franconia used to be a thriving lumber town on the St. Croix River between Minnesota and Wisonsin, before the railroad bypassed it and it dwindled to practically nothing.
I'm told that there is a city hall on the highway between Osceola and Taylor's Falls, but the highway was under construction so we didn't see it. We did find a road called Franconia Trail, which led into a tiny clutch of houses down by the river -- about a dozen new, occupied houses, plus some old abandoned ones like the ones on this page.
     "In memory of the rugged pioneers, who by hard work and privations of frontier life, hewed from the wilderness this land of plenty.
The village was settled in 1852. It became a center for river navigation. Lumbering and agriculture developed this settlement into a prosperous community.
This memorial erected by friends and descendants of the early pioneers. Unveiled July 13, 1947 on the ninth anniversary of the founding of the Franconia Old Settlers Association."


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