Myra J. DeWitt1,2

b. Jan 6, 1920, d. Mar 23, 2001
FatherLyle Beech DeWitt3,2 b. Oct 7, 1894, d. Feb 11, 1961
MotherHazel Smith3,2
     Myra J. DeWitt was born on Jan 6, 1920 in Ellsworth Co, KS.1,3
Group photo of Samuel Jackson DeWitt and Ida Shellhorn DeWitt taken on their 45th wedding anniversary at their home on 4th St., Salina, KS.

Information provided by Myra DeWitt, Gertrude DeWitt Small, and Jane DeWitt Smith, daughters of Lyle B and Hazel Smith DeWitt.

Back row: Lloyd DeWitt, oldest child of Ira and Katie; Merle DeWitt, Florence DeWitt Stites, Clyde DeWitt, Bertha DeWitt Webster, Bertha’s husband “Bud” Warren Myron Webster; Katie Grubb (Mrs. Ira) DeWitt; Ira DeWitt.

Middle Row: Oren Webster, oldest child of Bertha and “Bud” DeWitt; Russell DeWitt, 2nd child of Ira and Katie; “Babe” Fayette Weaver holding one of their twins, either Keith or Kenneth, and Mary Elizabeth “ Marie” Weaver holding the other twin. Keith and Kenneth’s date of birth is 10 July1925. Blanche Beatrice Parks DeWitt (Mrs. Clyde) holding son Dale. Lyle DeWitt (Just above his mother’s left shoulder); Lyle’s wife Hazel Smith DeWitt holding their 4th child, Jane, whose birthday is Nov 14, 1926. On Hazel’s left is Evangeline DeWitt (3rd child of Ira and Katie DeWitt).

Front Row: Gordon Webster, 2nd child of Bertha and “Bud” Webster; Lola Lee Stites, only child of Florence DeWitt Stites; Mary Ellen DeWitt (4th child of Ira and Katie);Gwen Weaver, oldest child of “Babe” and “Marie” Weaver ; Samuel J DeWitt, Ida DeWitt, Gertrude DeWitt (3rd child of Lyle and Hazel DeWitt); Myra DeWitt (2nd child of Lyle and Hazel) and Marian DeWitt, oldest daughter of Lyle and Hazel. At the end of the row, Ida Fay Webster, 3rd child of Bertha and “Bud”.

Photo courtesy Barbara Hettinger

     Myra J. DeWitt was listed as a daughter in Lyle Beech DeWitt's household on the 1930 Census in Wisconsin Street, Wilson, Ellsworth Co, KS.3
     In 1939, Samuel had a stroke. Myra moved in with her grandparents for a year to take care of him.4
Myra, Jane, Gertrude, Mary Ellen DeWitt Burnison

     Myra J. DeWitt was a member of Hypatia Club in Wilson, Ellsworth Co, KS.1
     Myra J. DeWitt was employed as a CMA at a nursing home.1
     Myra J. DeWitt lived in Wilson, Ellsworth Co, KS.1
     Myra J. DeWitt was employed by dry cleaning shop.1
     Myra J. DeWitt was employed by Wilson Nursing Home as a senior companion in Wilson, Ellsworth Co, KS.1
     Myra J. DeWitt moved in 1992 to McPherson, McPherson Co, KS.1
     Myra J. DeWitt died on Mar 23, 2001 in Memorial Hospital, McPherson, McPherson Co, KS, at age 81.1 An obituary was published on Mar 27, 2001 in the The Salina Journal in Salina, Saline Co, KS.1 She was buried after Mar 27, 2001 at Wilson Cemetery, in Wilson, Ellsworth Co, in KS.1
Myra DeWitt
Wilson Cemetery, Ellsworth Co, KS
Photo courtesy of Barbara Hettinger


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