Georgia Pearl Green1

b. Sep 8, 1882, d. Sep, 1972
FatherGeorge Robert Green2,3,4,5 b. Jun 11, 1836, d. Apr 29, 1902
MotherSarah Catherine Taylor2,5 b. Nov 18, 1843, d. Dec 31, 1918
     Georgia was born in Licking Co, OH, on Sep 8, 1882.2,3,6,1,7 Georgia Pearl Green was also known as Georgia P.6
Front row: The man in the center is George Green, so the woman to the left must be Sarah. The young couple to the right are Jennie and Charles Langel.
The ages are about right for the back row to be Jesse, Ella, Will, Arminta (or Amanda), either William Hannah or Charles Lenington, and Amanda (or Arminta). The front row might then be Pearl, Sarah, George, Jennie, Gus, and Charles Langel. If the baby is Gus, the picture was probably taken in 1889.

     Georgia Pearl Green was listed as a daughter in George Robert Green's household on the 1900 Census in Harrison Township, Licking Co, OH.3
     Georgia Pearl Green lived with Sarah Catherine Green in Jun, 1902 in Pataskala, Licking Co, OH.4
     Georgia Pearl Green and Chalmers Ross Wilson were driving in a buggy that was overturned when their horse was frightened by "the electric car from Newark" on Jun 9, 1902 in Granville, Licking Co, OH.8
     She married Chalmers Ross Wilson circa 1903.2,9,5,6,10,1,11
     Georgia Pearl Wilson was listed as a daughter in Sarah Catherine Green's household on the 1910 Census in Harrison Township, Licking Co, OH.6
     Georgia Pearl Wilson was in a car accident with Sarah Catherine Green and Arminta Frances Lenington on Dec 25, 1918 in Licking Co, OH; were in a car accident.12
     Georgia was listed as Chalmers Ross Wilson's wife on the 1920 Census in 845 S. 22nd St, Columbus, Franklin Co, OH.13
Georgia Pearl Wilson and Chalmers Ross Wilson traveled to Europe. They returned on the S.S. America from Cherbourg, France, arriving in New York on October 21, 1929.7
     Georgia Pearl Wilson and Chalmers Ross Wilson lived in Oct, 1929 in 1332 Kossuth, Columbus, Franklin Co, OH.7
     Georgia Pearl Wilson was listed as a wife in Chalmers Ross Wilson's household on the 1930 Census in 1081 Champion Avenue, Columbus, OH.11
     Georgia Pearl Green was left a widow by Chalmers Ross Wilson's death in 1952.14
     Georgia Pearl Green lived in Mar, 1958 in Columbus, Franklin Co, OH.9
     Georgia Pearl Wilson lived in Nov, 1961 in Columbus, Franklin Co, OH.10 An obituary was published in Sep, 1972 in the possibly Newark Advocate?1
     Georgia Pearl Green died in Sep, 1972 in Monterey Nursing Home, Columbus, Franklin Co, OH.1 She was buried in 1972 at Pataskala Cemetery, in Pataskala, Licking Co, in OH.14
Georgia Pearl Green Wilson
Pataskala Cemetery, Pataskala, Licking County, OH
Photo by Julia Langel, May 16, 2012
Image credit: Julia Langel


Chalmers Ross Wilson b. February 23, 1877, d. 1952
  • Chalmers R Wilson6,1,11 b. 1904, d. 1987


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