The Messiah's Coming
A Bible and Prophetic Conference at Chicago
Theories on the Millenium Discussed
Many Prominent Clergymen Take Part -- What Christ's Second Coming Will Be Like -- Objects Sought For by the Convention
Important Religious Gathering
Chicago, Nov. 17 -- The second Bible and Prophetic Conference held in this country convened yesterday morning in Farwell Hall, at ten o'clock, and will continue in session until Sunday next. The most prominent clergymen who are present and are expected to take a leading part in its deliberations are: ...Prof. John Gustav, [sic] Princell; ...
The conference is composed of those commonly known as millenialites or premillenarians. They divide the biblical scholarship of the country with the post-millenarians on the exegesis of the prophecies of the Scriptures relating to the time of the second coming of Christ. ...
Waukesha Freeman, November 18, 1886, page 4