Catherine (?)1

d. circa Apr, 1796
     Catherine (?) married Paul Lengel before 1737.1,2
     Catherine Lengel and Paul Lengel immigrated on Sep 26, 1737 to Philadelphia, PA; the family sailed from Rotterdam on the Saint Andrew galley, John Stedman, master.3,4
     Catherine Lengel was a member of Christ Little Tulpehocken Church, in Bernville, PA, before 1786.1
     In Paul Lengel's will on Apr 1, 1786 in Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co, PA, Catherine, Frederick, Johannes, Johan, Anna, Simon, Casper, Conrad, Martin and Thomas was named as an heir; she was to live on his plantation and recieve services, livestock, cash and supplies from her sons as long as she remained his widow.1,5,2
     Catherine Lengel and Paul Lengel lived in Apr, 1786 in Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co, PA; at the time Paul wrote his will, he and Catherine were living on a plantation of about 17 acres adjoining the land of Casper Batterinor? and Simon Reigel.2
     Catherine Lengel was left a widow by Paul Lengel's death on Jun 1, 1786 in Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co, PA.1
     Catherine Lengel died circa Apr, 1796 in Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co, PA. An inventory of Paul's estate, dated May 17, 1796, mentions his widow Catherine Lingel also now deceased.6 She was buried at Hosts Church, in Bernville, in PA.
Catherine Lingel (reportedly)
Hosts Church
Bernville, PA

Photo by Diane Land, 2001

     Paul and Catherine's estate was inventoried after her death on Jul 26, 1796 in Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co, PA.6


Paul Lengel b. circa 1709, d. June 1, 1786
  • Conrad Lengel2 d. before Mar 21, 1812
  • Jacob Lengel1 b. circa 1732, d. 1808
  • Frederick Lengel1 b. circa 1734
  • Martin Lengel1 b. 1736, d. circa 1782
  • Johannes John Lingel1 b. 1739, d. May 29, 1806
  • Thomas Lingle7 b. 1742, d. 1811
  • Johan Nicholas Langal7 b. Feb 1, 1743
  • Anna Mary Lengel7 b. circa 1746
  • Simon Conrad Lengel7 b. circa 1748
  • Stephen Lengel+1 b. 1750, d. Jan 3, 1824
  • Casper Lengel7 b. circa 1753


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